I am a woman in my mid twenties seeking to untangle some of life’s conundrums.

It may be true that there is nothing new under the sun but I hope that in sharing my thoughts and ideas, others can know that they are not alone in this beautiful mess.

I think it’s important to carve out spaces on the internet for people to connect and share honestly and openly. I dislike the culture of anonymous trolling and the social media urge to present an airbrushed life.

Tolerance, patience and compassion are traits that I am trying to cultivate in my life. I care about people. I also crave time away from the buzz of modern life. I’m happiest in the ocean or up on a mountaintop. Anywhere without mobile reception.

My aim here is to share what I learn. About life. About people. Relationships. Joy. Sadness. Impatience. Making change.

Or maybe this is a narcissistic exercise in projecting my voice into the ether. I am a millennial after all…